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Welcome to the Teacher Mental Health Homepage

This site has been created by John Illingworth and is intended to be a resource for those seeking to find information about aspects of Teacher Mental Health.

John experienced a work-related mental illness himself before taking early retirement from his headteacher post in 2006. Since then,  he has devoted some of his time to exploring the extent of illness amongst teachers resulting from work-related stress. He campaigns to reduce teachers’ work stress and to improve their health.

John has become a regular speaker on the topic of teacher stress.  He often provides presentations to groups of teachers providing advice on what they can do to reduce the likelihood of mental illness by taking steps to reduce their work stress.

John has also featured in radio and television programmes addressing the topic of teacher stress and related illness. These have included BBC TV - ‘Inside Out’, BBC Radio 4 - ‘On the Ropes’ with John Humphrys and a Teachers TV programme about Teacher Mental Health.  He is regularly contacted by the press and has become an acknowledged source of information on the subject.

The menu to the left of this page will direct you  further information.

Contact Information:   John Illingworth, 17, Park Avenue, Woodthorpe, Nottingham.  NG5 4HS.  Email:  john@teachermentalhealth.org.uk