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The following are PowerPoint files of recent presentations. Please note that some contained embedded video clips that are available on the useful links page of this site.

Nottingham City Reps Training Nov 2010

Eastern Region Young Teachers Weekend 20 Nov 2010

Can Local Surveys Help in Tackling Stress - Health and Safety Advisers Briefing 25th Nov 2010

Rochdale NUT Annual General Meeting 16 March 2011

Oldham NUT School Representatives Training -  10th June 2011

Leeds NUT General Meeting -  7th July 2011

Leicester Stress Conferences - 8th & 9th February 2012

Nottingham City Schools H&S Conference - 22nd March 2012

Contact Information:   John Illingworth, 17, Park Avenue, Woodthorpe, Nottingham.  NG5 4HS.  Email:  john@teachermentalhealth.org.uk