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Work Place Bullying

An increasing number of teachers are reporting being subject to bullying in the workplace, but others may not even be aware that they are being subjected to bullying.  Teachers and their managers are not always clear what constitutes workplace bullying. School leaders who are accused of being bullies often defend their approach by describing it as ‘firm’ management.  Bulling can be related to line management, but it doesn’t have to be.  Peer ’bullying’ is also very common amongst the staff of a school. Some teachers also feel bullied by pupils and there is an increasing potential for electronic means to be used as a tool for such bullying (Social networks etc.)

So, what is workplace bullying?

The Health and Safety Executive have been working with the NUT in Bradford to try and reduce levels of work-related stress.  As a result of that work, Bradford NUT have produced a Workplace Bullying leaflet which includes a questionnaire to help teachers understand what constitutes bullying and whether they have  experienced it at work. For anyone who thinks they are being bullied at work, this may be a starting point.

Contact Information:   John Illingworth, 17, Park Avenue, Woodthorpe, Nottingham.  NG5 4HS.  Email:  john@teachermentalhealth.org.uk